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John Brown

Lives and works at Edinburgh, Scotland

Born 13/01/67


John Brown is currently a lecturer at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA), Edinburgh, Scotland where he runs the first year undergraduate course across painting, sculpture, intermedia, photography and printmaking. He also teaches painting and printmaking to specialist paintings students in 3rd and 4th Year. He has also been a visiting artist and lecturer at various venues including; The University of Kansas, Lawrence USA, Vanderbilt University, Nashville USA, Anchor Graphics, Chicago USA SMFA Boston USA, Kyoto Seika University Japan, Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts Poland, The University of Warmia and Murzy Olsztyn Poland, Grays School of Art, Aberdeen UK York College, England UK John Brown. Selected exhibitions/projects (newest first) • SUMMER EXPO. Galeriazero, Barcelona, Spain, August 2016 • PAPERED. Group show with Darren Nisbet, Sarah Sheard and Liam Walker at York College Gallery, York England. Feb. 2016 • DRAWING ON DRAWING, Summary of Contemporary drawing at Edinburgh College of Art, Feb 2016. • IMPROV. (Motion Scores). Animations with reactive music by Edimpro. Reid Concert hall, Edinburgh. 2015 • MASH, group show at Spaceclub, Edinburgh. 2014 • GLOBAL TOPICS. Site specific installation at the EICC, Edinburgh. 2014 • TWITSTREET, solo show at SMFA, Boston USA 2013 • STUFFLAND. Solo show as part of Leith Late, Leith Athletics, Leith. 2013 • THINGSPLACE, (350 packed objects) Superclub, Edinburgh.2013 • ROADKILL, (Clusterbomb). Secret Knots Gallery, Minneapolis USA 2013 • EPIC. Two person show With Charlie Stiven, Mok Gallery Olsztyn Poland 2013 • RETROSPECTASTIC (Clusterbomb), York College Gallery, York, England. 2012 • BOONDOCKS (Clusterbomb), Superclub, Edinburgh 2012 • BLACK AND WHITE SCORE, with Colin Lawson, Lee Riley and Chante Inglis, Art Complex, Edinburgh. 2012 • BISCUITS (Clusterbomb), Such and Such Gallery , Edinburgh 2012 • CLUSTERBOMB (1st Show), With: Matt Swan, Jamie Kinroy, Bobby Nixon and Alex Gibbs, Patriothall, Edinburgh 2012 • BOX-A-RAMA, Anchor Graphics residency, Chicago, USA 2012 • DOODLEVILLE, (860 images and objects), Peter Potter Gallery, Haddington.2012 • WALLPAPERED . Solo show, Red Barn Gallery, England • NUTSVILLE. 2100 images installed at the Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh 2010 • EPHEMERAMA. Installation with Gordon Brennan at the John David Mooney foundation, Chicago USA in conjunction with the Southern Graphics Council. 2009 • NUTS-AND-GUM, two person installation with Michael Krueger, space 204, Nashville, TN, USA. 2009 • UNPACKED, 4 person installation, gallery ASP, Wroclaw, Poland. 2009 • WORLD-A-RAMA, 2 person installation with Gordon Brennan, John David Mooney Foundation, Chicago, USA 2008 • KABLOOM Two person show Gallery Maronie, Kyoto, Japan 2007 • I’D RATHER BE DRAWING, Dennis Morgan Fine Art Gallery, Kansas City, USA 2007


John Brown is an Edinburgh (Scotland) based artist and teacher who uses a wide range of sources, formats and methods to make large, complex installations that place small incidences and objects against the background of the epic to create new narratives. At the core of all his work there is a fascination and obsession with drawing and ‘stuff’ and all that the world contains at this point in history and trying to find ways of putting it all together to represent the sense of accumulated knowledge. He works on a lot of collaborative projects including: Z.A.M (an on-going series of publications with Matt Swan); Motion Scores (with the music group Edimpro and artists Colin Lawson and Chante St Clair Inglis); Clusterbomb (a group of 5 artists making overloaded imagery); and World-a-rama (with Gordon Brennan) which constructs different kinds of work in response to the legacy of various World’s Fairs.

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