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Evoluzione I
Evoluzione II (installation of 4 paintings 300x300mm)

Simona Madonna

Lives and works at Sardinia

Born 25/09/1970


Simona Madonna was born in Rome in 1970. She trained as a fabric designer in Rome and graphic and product designer in Florence. During her training she worked as an assistant for Nunzio di Stefano. The time spent in Nunzio’s studio introduced Simona to the wonders of contemporary art and had a major impact on her future decision to become a painter. After her studies Simona traveled to England, Germany, Tahiti, Cooks Island, Australia, India, Hawaii, and finally New Zealand, where she then lived for eight years. Waiheke Island, New Zealand, was where she found the space to deepen her art practice and integrate it with her rich European background. Now Simona lives and works from her art studio in Sardinia, Italy. Simona's art has been exhibited in group and solo shows in Italy and New Zealand. Her work is in private collections in Italy, England, Germany, United States, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Hawaii, Cook Islands and New Zealand.


‘The art of Simona Madonna arises from the confluence of different cultures. With sensitivity, technical expertise, and a wide range of expressive language, she has been able -- as ceramicist and painter -- to acquire a "poetic" purpose and thus realize the figural syncretism that increasingly characterizes the current creative experience. In fact, the unique cultural, philosophical and religious milieus of New Zealand, India, Europe, and Italy have allowed the artist to decant, through forms, signs, colors and materials, a unique imaginative paradigm, resulting precisely from the synthesis of these cultures. Simona best expresses her nomadic nature through the totality of the sign, with formal ribs, folds, apotropaic traces, interference of color septa, etc. These qualify and define her work -- a fluent form of travel, physical and existential, which each of us goes through in life or in our imagination. The artist has this potential then: through the act of painting, she "evokes" the indefinable ancestral essence of humanity and makes it visible. Ideally, by immersing ourselves in Simona Madonna's work, the empathy is immediate. And so, in us, it takes consistency -- that deep breath that comes from distant worlds, present and past, that associates all living beings. It is the breath of poetry, without which there would be no comfort. The works of Simona are truly a visual “lyric” that seduces and charms.’ written by Siliano Simonici - translated by Michael Fleck

Tina Prize - Roma Artists Tina Prize - Berlin Artists Tina Prize - Bercelona Artists