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Grasses. (Icelandic healing plants)
Grasses. (Icelandic healing plants, detail)

rósa sigrún jónsdóttir

vivo e lavoro a Iceland

data di nascita 20111962


Homepage: Facebook: Rósa Sigrún Jónsdóttir graduated from the Teaching University of Iceland in 1987 and then the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2001. She has held many solo exhibitions in Iceland and abroad and participated in a multitude of group exhibitions. Rósa served as chair of the Reykjavík Association of Sculptors for four years, in addition to being the Association of Iceland Visual Artist´s ( SÍM ) representative on the Public Buildings Art Fund.

Descrizione del lavoro

There is something about handicraft that takes hold of me and one way or the other finds it´s way into my ideas and artwork. I like slow process, therefore using my hands, crocheting and sewing comes to me rather naturally and I find it interesting to see how this material, which is so deeply rooted in the culture of women can change form and how the thread can expand. Rósa Sigrún Jónsdóttir Iceland

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