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Stéphane Marceau

я живу и работаю в Montréal

дата рождения 05111971


Stéphane MARCEAU, Painter and sculptor A man with an atypical background, holds a baccalaureate in microbiology followed by another in nursing completed by a master's degree. Paradoxically, he subsequently forged his skills in manual labor, following a solid training as a specialized welder and a construction engineer. Intrinsically attracted by art, he devoted himself entirely to it from 2012. .Art[O] Exibition, october 2017 .Solo Exhibition, Homage to the St. Lawrence River on the 150th Anniversary of Canada, Maison Natale Louis-Fréchette, July to September 2017. .Artistic Permanence in China in collaboration with the Cultural Service of the Chinese Embassy in Paris, 2017 may to 2018 april. .Exhibition 1 work, Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Garden, Floride, 2017 July to September. .Exhibition 1 work, Windows that speak for the 375th anniversary of Montreal, May 2017 .Exhibition 5 works, Spring Fair of the Center d'Art d'Aulnay, France, April 2017. .Guest Artist Project PEACE IS ON WAY, Art World Peace Tribute to Colombia, at the summit for the Nobel Peace Prize in Bogotá, February 2017. .Artist invited to sponsor an art day at St-Benoit School in Montreal, December 2016. .Dedicated international emerging artist in Paris, October 2016. .Guest artist: -By the organization ABCD'art to offer a canvas at an auction and as an attendance price in order to finance art in disadvantaged children, November 2016. -At an Exhibition at the Connoisseur's Gallery, Paris, October 2016. -By the David Suzuki Foundation to offer an encaustic canvas at an auction to benefit the victims of the great fires that ravaged northern Alberta; The work won a record of bets at the auction, June 2016. .Member of Artistic Diversity Montreal, May 2016. .Exclusive exhibition of my works, Galerie Carte Blanche, Montreal, April 2016. .First Canadian artist to join Roger Walter against the massacres in Palestine, April 21, 2016. .One of my works makes the cover page of "The Carnival of the Heavens, Edition of the Bridge of Europe, author, 2016. (ISBN: 978-2-36851-093-3 .Artist invited by the organization ABCD'art with Corno to offer a canvas at an auction for the benefit of disadvantaged children, November 2015. .Exclusive exhibition of my works, Café l'Écarté, Montreal, June 2015. .Exhibition Cardinal Tea House, Montreal at an event of the David Suzuki Foundation, April 2015. .La Presse +, April 30, 2015 edition, News section, screen 7, La rue was the identity of the graffiti artist, by Christiane Desjardins. (Http://plus.lapresse.ca/screens/5076278c-8e6d-4e83-bfb6-c117ac6f8ea8%7C_0.html). .In "Écrire c’est vivre et peindre s’est aimer à nouveau" in one of my paintings, accompanied by one of my poems, published by Editions du Pont de l'Europe, Paris, 2014, p.35. (ISBN: 978-2-919009-61-9).

Описание работы

Dialogue between man and matter, in an inverted iconography of a diffuse dream, serving as an incomplete introspective preamble in space-time and favoring the spread of emotion in the paroxysm of reflection. to this humanity. This is done through the colors inspired by Street art and '' tachism '' with a subtle floral connotation, which is very light and favors the other senses and dimensions of the mind in relation My artistic movement is expressed in a passionate exploration of art through painting, sculpture and writing, embellished by a gentle note of power. An exaltation of life is reflected in it, in an organic way and intimately linked to humanity, its precariousness and its future. Through mediums such as encaustic, microcrystalline, oil, clay, steel and minerals, I release a single soul suspended like a dream that was waiting between the particles of the material used. I use contrasts and transparencies in order to stir up emotion and what arouses internal communication and dialogue. My composition is revealed as the elements merge into one another and the finality of the work takes its place in space-time. Everything that I read and observes penetrates me and I restore them in images passed by my filters of personal experiences that emerge from what the material can offer me. The creative process as well as the artistic process that inhabit me are intimately linked to this precursor state, merging into a single block and which subsequently allows the work to speak of itself animated by this situational desire and by Its essence. This work from which I totally erase myself, to make room only for herself. Stéphane Marceau

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